Elaine Florimonte

"As an artist, I feel that art is a language. The voice of my expression. Much like music, art must have order, structure and pattern; an underlying rhythm that carries the eye through a piece; from form to form; back and forth from foreground to background. For years I have been illustrating moments in time and consciousness through the subconscious meeting of the formal elements being manipulated (line, color, shape, form) and the emotional issues that affect me as an artist. My current work illustrates layers of emotion and human condition; the overlapping of one life on another, the transparency of the actions and words of people. Symbols are very important to me and occur in my paintings as well as in my jewelry. They are symbols that most people relate to and assign their own meaning to; birds, houses, leaves, twigs, seeds, etc. I use imagery that I stumble upon in my daily life and in my travels. While working on this body of work, I was acutely aware of the relationships that exist within a family and the external forces that affect those relationships."

Elaine Florimonte is an artist and educator currently working in the suburban Washington, DC area.