Painting > Abstract Landscape

Skimming the Surface I & II
Acrylic Collage on Panel
10" x 20" Diptych
Stronger Than Anyone I Know
Acrylic collage on panel
24" x 18"
Leave Just a Ray of Sun
Acrylic on panel
24" x 12"
View From My Window Seat
Acrylic Collage on Canvas
40" x 60" Diptych
Steal Away into the Way Back When
Acrylic collage on panel
24" x 18"
figurative, abstract, texture, color, graphite, trees, cool palette, nature
Acrylic on Paper
20" x 28"
figurative, painting, acrylic, collage, clothes line, the Comstock House, Vermont, warm palette, photo transfer
Acrylic on Canvas
10" x 20" each
You Made a Bird Out of Me
Acrylic collage on canvas.
30" x 30"

Our current American reality is capricious. Each new sunrise throws light on a new set of circumstances with which we must try to digest and respond. Our world continues to rock back and forth in terms of political and cultural shifts that make us question our own ethical compass. In the studio I find stability in the horizon, I have been making small painted sketches that relate to the landscape. They all seemed to begin with a line. I am reaching for what is concrete and consistent. My paintings begin with that line that sometimes shifts and reasserts itself throughout a composition. The foreground slides into the background and the line wanders in and out of focus. In the process, space becomes interpretive to the viewer. My work is developed through layered compositions that cover and reveal the history of my process. In describing my new work to a colleague I realized that the commonality was a sense of balance. And as I move through space and interact with new people I realize that we are all, in some way, in the pursuit of balance.