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As humans we naturally look for the recognizable in art. A face, a flower, a glass, vase, plate, landscape, etc. Some viewers are uncomfortable looking at art in which the recognizable is not identifiable. In my process of painting, that recognizable image is sometimes lost. This is a collection of work in which that original image remains or new recognizable images or figures emerge at the conclusion of the piece.

figurative, painting, acrylic, window, light, graphite, italy, spain, bench
Acrylic on Wood
20" x 20"
figurative, abstract, texture, color, graphite, trees, cool palette, nature
Acrylic on Paper
20" x 28"
abstract painting, shape, limited palette, value, line, pattern, collage, acrylic, shadows, five, people, figurative
Acrylic on Cardboard
20" x 24"
abstract painting, shape, vivid palette, value, line, colorist, sunflower, graphite, acrylic
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"
figurative, painting, acrylic, collage, doves, shadows, cool palette, window
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 36"